Hypnotherapy to help you heal, process your emotions, let go of limiting beliefs, live a thriving Life with Purpose & Love.

Detangle Blindspots

Build a Plan

Connect & Thrive

Feeling Disconnected, Unsafe, Unsettled?

You don’t have to do it Alone anymore.
Get the tools and resources to live the life you deserve.

  • Are you surviving through anxiety, depression, substance abuse, abandonment wounds, uprooting, un-secure attachment style?
  • Have you grown up in challenging circumstances which may have involved expatriation, multiple homes, fostering, boarding house… 
  • Do you hope to feel more rooted within? Stop the compulsive changes and self-sabotage? 
  • Are you ready to remove emotional blocks, provide healing to your inner child and fully step into your power through finding more meaning within? 
  • Are you ready to let go of limiting beliefs and thrive in your relationships?

Invest in your future, by being Present, and letting go of the past.

Don’t waste more time experiencing Disconnection, Unstability…

ReConnect to your Inner Home

Don’t waste more years from Deep connection with Yourself & Others

Adressing the limting thoughts & emotions that is stealing you from your Freedom & Joy is essential for experiencing heart-centred relationships. 

  • Reduce & learn to effectively manage Stress, Anxiety, Social Anxiety 
  • Let go of addictions & develop healthy habits that are in your Highest Service
  • Heal inner child wounds linked to abandonment & uprooting 
  • Strenghten a Secure, Heathy, & Thirving attachment style
  • Release emotional & mental blocks allowing you to experience meaningful intimacy
  • Fully step into your power & achieve meaningful goals 
  • Feel more grounded, embodied & safe in yourself, in expressing your emotions 
  • Enhance your communication skills & allow for more Love into your Life

Start Now with the easy 3-steps to more Connection, Purpose & Love

STEP 1. Free Consultation

Let’s meet in a 30min discovery call to build your growth journey.

STEP 2. Build your Plan

Experience resourceful Hypnotherapy Sessions & feel more safe and connected.

STEP 3. Thrive!

Feel more Connected, Safe & Stable in your relationships with Self & Others.

Liv's Hypnotherapy Expertise

Adverse Childhood Experiences

Attachment wounds, Third Culture Adults, Ex-Borders, Upbringing in Fostering

Commit to a Deep Inner Process: process old wounds & receive evidence-based tools.
Feel more Belonging, Connection, Freedom & Meaning.

Supporting all LGBTQ+ people

Discrimination, Anxiety, Substance Misuse, Depression, Societal Conditionnings

Receive specific & safe support to meet your ongoing evolving needs through a Queer Positive Awareness Approach.
Enhance your Self-Esteem, Acceptance, Joy & Love.

Who AM I?

Meet Clinical Hypnotherapist, Liv Hiam

Experience your True Potential

Hey, I’m Liv, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP & EFT Master Practicioner, Queer, auto-entrepeneur, author, yogi, & eternal child (cause the first way to Enlightement, is to lighten up).
Having grown up in various countries since 8 months old, I have experienced first hand the inner struggles of constant changes of Home, emotional support systems & cultures.
Through Deep Inner Shadow work I found Home Within, finally experienced Belonging & Connection.

Beyond the disconnection and unsettledeness, you know there is more meaning to your Life.
From a place of Unconditional Positive Regard & Deep Presence, I thrive to hold space for you to process emotions, let go of limiting beliefs, experience breakthroughs in your Growth and reConnect to your innate state of Consciousness.

Receive personalised & embodied therapy that provides you tools to Thrive. 

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